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Dear colleagues!

 This Website was created to provide the exchange of the information, professional knowledge and  experience among the people whose job, study, interests etc. are connected to the marine engineering. Therefore this Website are for the: engineers,  technical superintendents, technicians, electricians, fitters, motormen, apprentices, designers, manufacturers and many others.










Let us create together the database about technical troubles onboard, which will be very helpful for everyone from us!


We would very glad to get your additions, comments, questions and stories (willingly with photos) on English, Deutsch or Russian sent to:

Herewith we notify, that all texts will be published on English without altering of its meanings. However we reserve the rights to withdraw any obscene or sharp words. Please advise whether you like that the authors name will be mentioned at the end.

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   (Bilge water separators metering device.)

 Boiler automatic control


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